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Michael H Peters

Michael H Peters

Michael H Peters, BSME, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, Harvard Graduate School of Design, and Harvard Business School, Real Estate Management, is Owner and CEO of RenascentDC, based in Washington, D.C. In addition, Michael is Expert in Residence for the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and Senior Advisor for Executive Education, and Executive Board Chair of a national demolition and waste recycling company. LinkedIn

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Renascent means: “Rebirth” and “Rising to New Life.” Headquartered in Ward 8 of Washington, D.C., a CBE and 12 point SBE, RenascentDC specializes in the demolition and repurposing of structures and spaces needing rebirth to meet the technological, cultural, sustainability, and social demands of the 21st Century. We specialize in the renewal of campuses, hospitals, stadiums/arenas, convention centers, airports, and public works projects, repurposing urban and rural land and buildings, large and small. In addition to expert demolition, we offer consulting, planning, and budgeting support. Our passion is to create true careers in technology and industry for Ward 15 of the District.

Engineering &

From start to finish, we coordinate every detail of each demolition with painstaking care. Each demolition begins with an extensive pre-planning process. We also thoroughly review the building's specifications, model it in Revit, and conduct an engineer's review to help us develop the optimal technique for each building's unique challenges. No two demolitions are alike. Each one requires its own thoughtful plan.

Committed to

Safety is our top priority at Renascent. From the estimating phase, where estimators assess safety risks on the pre-bid walk, through pre-mobilization, start-up, and all job tasks, safety infuses every aspect of our process. At every stage, we adhere to a system of planning, analyzing potential hazards, and holding ourselves to a high standard of accountability to ensure the utmost safety.

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